Zero Hour

((Post Mission Choice))

I’ll use this space after each mission/session to update the state of the world and to find out what your plans are for the future.

For right now, the only major world event worth noting is:

Chicago street crime is on the rise as low-level thugs and lieutenants go to war in an effort to fill the power vacuum left by the mass confessions.

So, as I see it, there are several major options for your next move. The very first order of business is deciding how your team is going to, you know, work. Did anyone get any contact info?

Second, here is a list of possible directions to take:

1. Stay in Chicago and deal with the street crime increase before it scales up to full war.

2. Try to locate the missing facility employee Nancy Wells and either save/apprehend her depending on her status.

3. Look into the “50 State Initiative” the facility was involved in. This sort of includes picking a state and deciding how to track down what you’re looking for.

4. Investigate the merc group, since they may have been playing on their own agenda in there.

5. Random Fifth Option that you guys might throw me as a curve.

Talk about it in comments here, or wherever, but please let me know as soon as you can so that planning may begin. I’d like a longer, more in-depth session next time now that we’ve worked out the first-time kinks.


Would like to follow up on the street crimes and Nancy Wells.

((Post Mission Choice))

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