Hazard Stone

I have lizard eyes!

Alias: Hazard
Name: Hazard Stone Age: 47 Sex: Male
Class: Experiment/Super Soldier Size: Average Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Detective/Troubleshooter Height: 5’10” Hair: Black
Alignment: Principled Weight: 170 lbs. Skin: White
Level 2 IQ 13 PS 9 PB 9
EXP ME 15 PP 14 Spd 40
2300 MA 18 PE 10
HP 17 Combat Skills
SDC 81 HtH (Type): Basic # of Attacks: 5
Armor: SDC Strike +0 Damage
Type Parry +2 Roll +2
AR, Weight/Cost Dodge +2 Critical
Properties Kick +0 Initiative +2
Weapon Proficiencies S P Thr Range
Automatic Rifle +3/+1
Pistol (Auto) +3/+1
Revolver +4/+1
Special Leap (High 8’, Long 15’), x2 Heal Rate, Half effects from failed immune save
Bonuses to Save +8 (Disease), +6 (Mind Control, Poison), +4 (Horror Factor), +3 (Bio Manipul.), +2 (Possession)
Super Abilities Trust/Intimidate 50%, Climb 84% Balance 74% Walk TR 64%, Night Vision 1000’ star, 200’ total, Control Others: 22’ Line of Sight, 4 minutes, 1 attempt per round (bonus action), 22 reptiles or 4 others pre-penalty
Scholastic Skills Concealment 39%, Det. Conceal 50%, Interrogation 60%, Pick Locks 55%, Track 60%, Wilderness Survival 60%, Criminal Science/Forensics 55%, Paramedic 71%, Pathology 65%
Secondary Skills Computer Operation 70%, Basic Mechanics 49%, Prowl 59%, Running (+Stats), Pilot (Automobile 86%, Truck 68%)

Equipment, Special Weapon, and Valuables:


Hazard moved to Ashton when he was just seven
Even then the folks in town saw his thoughtful eyes
That boy’s real bright
Three years ago when he got left by Mary
First time that he looked beyond the plains and the skies
And saw the man inside

We used to walk down by the river
She loved to watch the sun go down
We used to walk along the river
And dream a future in this town

He never understood what he felt for Mary
Until the night she went out walking with his son
And never came home
He had a badge and went knocking next morning
Here was he surrounded by a thousand fingers suddenly
Pointed different ways

I swear she left me by the river
I swear I wasn’t safe or sound
I need to make it to the airport
And leave this old Nebraska town

He thinks about his life gone by
How it’s done him wrong
There’s no escape for crooks this time
All he had to lose is gone, long ago

I swear she left me by the river
I swear I wasn’t safe or sound
I need to make it to Chicago
And leave this old Nebraska town

Hazard Stone

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